When did you stop loving me?

When did you stop loving me?
It has been four months since you last called me,
almost a year since I came to visit.
Last time you called it was my birthday,
do you only remember me on special days?
Well that isn’t true you forgot me at Christmas!
I saw you the other day, you did not expect to see me,
guilt was all over your face, you handed me money.
Does handing me £10 make you feel better?
I wish you had kept your guilt money and used it to call me,
your excuses are lame, the latest two were the worst yet!
You have no phone and are decorating.
When did the decor in your home become more important than me?
For one whole week I stayed just around the corner from you,
was it too hard to come see me?
I hope you and your family had a great time at Lego land,
I bet you didn’t expect me to see the pictures either.
I am not mad at you for going on holiday without me,
I am mad that you never called, I am mad that you lied.
It is the same as last time when you took your children abroad,
you left me at home though and told me you was working.
I played in the percussion band at a music festival the other week,
I also played at my local theatre.
I am learning to play the flute too, these things I’ve been waiting to tell you.
I have been waiting for you to call, the call never came.
I remember when I would see you all of the time,
we laughed at funny things and ate Pringles.
I also ate delicious jam tarts, they are still my favourite.
You’d make me pack lunches for our train journey home.
I would see you every two weeks then and you’d call me lots.
When did everyone else get put before me?
When did you stop loving me, Dad?
Was it on my birthday?
I know I turned 10 but I still need you.
You may have forgotten me but I have not forgotten you.
I am still the same little girl you once adored.

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