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I saw that pink lining are on the hunt for bloggers to become ambassadors. We at mummy2five have been ambassadors for many brands and would love to become Pink Lining ambassadors. We reviewed the PL Child overnight bag two years ago and was rather impressed with the quality. Pink Lining have asked us what is in the bag? Read on to find out what will be in my travel bag this year.

In just under three weeks the minibus will be loaded as we head off on holiday, we will make the 317 miles journey to Cornwall, all in our trusty minibus. As the motorway services tend to be on the pricey side we take the majority of travel essentials with us, so what is in my travel bag.

Firstly I will start with the bag. We fill our PL Child overnight bag as it has bags of room and an easy access front pocket. Not only that but it is the cutest bag we own. Other than the usual keys, phone, change and chargers, the contents will be:

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a must. Having small children and a child with special needs, eating on the move can get a bit messy. My mother in law packs the most delicious food and we spend the whole journey filling our faces. Sure a sudden break can result in a jam tart in the face but we don’t worry about that. A quick wipe with a baby wipe and we are good to go.

Antibacterial GelI carry antibacterial gel with me no matter where I go. Once on holiday we had the most horrendous stomach bug, since then I make sure that when we use public toilets we give our hands an extra squirt of antibacterial gel to be sure.

Carrier Bags

The front pocket of the PL Child bag comes in handy for these. I carry them for the same reason I carry antibacterial gel. We spent 317 miles one year being sick the whole way home. We have a bucket under the seat of the minibus at all times and line it with carrier bags so when we approach a service station the bag of nastiness can be thrown away easily.

Piriton This for us is rather important. Having children who suffer with hayfever and driving past hundreds of pollen filled fields is not a great combination. We find if we give them piriton it helps with any symptoms and allows us to have the windows down on a hot day.

Migraine Strips

These beauties are for big T. He suffers greatly with abdominal migraines that move to his head. This brings on a onslaught of vomiting from him(see why I carry carrier bags above). The migraine strips work much faster than any pain killer and can often prevent a full blown migraine. 


Now I know you are all scratching your heads wondering why the heck I would carry balloons. These are for big T. As part of his disabilities he is not a huge fan of change, nor is he a massive fan of being confined. He never falls asleep whilst travelling like the others do so we tackle this problem by giving him something he treasures the most, a balloon. Now this is not an inflated balloon, that would freak him out. It has to be a balloon that he can blow up repeatedly. We get a calmer boy and he gets to go red faced as he blows up his balloon.


Lastly is my camera, it is always to hand whilst travelling as you never know what beautiful scenery you may come across. I once missed a deer in the middle of a country road. My camera was not to hand and I could have kicked myself for it. One image I did capture was on the beach at Perran Sands. I see a ladies face at the end of the rocks, she looks like she is blowing the waves. Yes I have done a bit of editing but it is still one of my favourite images.

What do you pack when travelling?

This post is my application to become a Pink Lining ambassador.

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