Transport emergency headaches

In case of an emergency it is always good to have a money back up because not all of us have a money tree hiding at the bottom of our gardens, throughout our lives we will all need a back up at some point. Whether it be the bank of mum and dad, credit cards or even loans we all will need it at some point.

Recently I had transport issues for college. As I am a mature student I don’t automatically get free transport so I was in a bit of a pickle when with just 2 weeks till my start date I was told it would not be possible for me to be able to get onto the college bus after I was told I could do so earlier in the year if they had a spare seat.

I don’t drive and as my college is in such a rural location no public transport goes there in the morning. I had 3 options, give in and just accept that I would not be able to attend my course, this was the worst option. All year I have been working towards starting this college course and I would have been devastated if I would not be able to attend over something so silly such as transport. Option two was to get my provisional, take the day test for me to ride a moped then take out a loan to buy a bike, they don’t come cheap despite but are far cheaper than a car. I was not a fan of this option due to the roads being more like a bike rally track & It was highly likely that I would come off the bike and injure myself. However despite all of that is was an option and it was my back up plan. My third option was to fight for a place on transport. I had help from a family member and the college were doing all they possibly could too so this was my first option. I am pleased we went down this route because I now get a comfortable ride to college and back again without riding the gauntlet.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones, a loan for me would be for a luxury but I know people who need loans to get by on the odd occasion, thousands of students each year take out student loans, thousand will take out a loan for their next car or even a holiday.

Next year when I go into my second year of my course I will be in a pickle again, we only have transport for one year so next year I might just have to take out that loan, hopefully it will be for a car and not for a moped. I have a plan, I will get my provisional and take driving lessons. We can’t afford to run two cars at the minute but at least next year it will be a possible option.  I will need to drive when I attend university for veterinary nursing so I may as well set the wheels in motion now.

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