Top five ways to achieve glowing skin

Lifestyle and environmental factors can easily take their toll on your skin, but the great news is there is plenty you can do to revitalise this largest organ in the body, leaving your skin looking youthful and glowing. Here are five easy-to-follow ways to improve the appearance of your skin.

Water, water, water

Dehydration can cause skin to look tired, dry and dull, so make sure you provide it with the vital fluids it needs to stay looking its best. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water every day, and top your liquids up even more during hot weather and after drinking alcohol. You can get your daily quota of water by drinking other liquids, such as green tea, which is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients that can soothe irritated skin. I must admit I do not drink enough water. I am a huge coffee lover and possibly drink too much of it. Since starting college though one of the rules are that you can only drink water in lessons which has helped me to drink much water. Funnily whilst sitting my maths exams I drank a whole bottle in just under 2 hours.

Ditch the cigarettes

As if smoking doesn’t do enough harm to your body, it can also wreak havoc with your skin, causing premature ageing, wrinkles and bags under the eyes. It can also cause yellow stains on the skin of your fingers, and can make the skin condition psoriasis worse. Research has also shown that scars on the skin take longer to heal for smokers than non-smokers. Breathe vitality back into your skin by quitting smoking. If you are having difficulty giving up, switch to something like┬áVapouriz e-cigarettes instead, which cause less damage to the skin.Giving up smoking 2 years ago was one of the greatest things I have achieved. I noticed a real change in my skin, concentration, taste and health not to mention my bank balance. I know it is a really difficult thing to do but it is worth it in the end, my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Wear sunscreen

Damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause premature ageing and accelerate the rate of wrinkles forming. Keep your skin looking youthful with an eternal glow by wearing sunscreen all year round. If your skin gets burnt from the sun, apply soothing Aloe Vera gel to calm the skin and reduce redness.Again I struggle with this, I am allergic to the majority of sunscreens. Even applying it to my children would cause a rash to appear on my hands. Recently I seem to have had a break through. I have found a factor 50spf oil that agrees with me. I will no longer have to go in the sun unprotected.

Sleep well

When you sleep your skin is working hard to repair itself, so make sure you get adequate shut eye every night. Lack of sleep can leave skin looking dull and tired. Sleep deprivation is also thought to increase the release of stress chemicals in the body, which can trigger skin problems such as acne.Coming from a full time student and a mum to five rather energetic children I know how important sleep is, I also know how little sleep we busy parents get. I am nothing but grumpy and look awful if I do not get at least 7 hours a night.

Remove make-up

If you’re tired at night it’s easy to forget to remove make-up, but do get into the habit of thoroughly cleansing and moisturising the skin every day, especially after wearing make-up. If left on the skin overnight, make-up can clog the pores, leaving your skin looking lifeless and prone to irritation. Also, change your make-up brushes regularly and avoid using old make-up.Again I am guilty of falling into bed with a face full of make up. Even with the make up wipes placed at the side of my bed I only remember to use them in the morning. I will make more of an effort to achieve the make up free sleeps.
Summer days are just around the corner, we are all jetting off for our holidays and always want to look our best. But adding the above tips into my daily routine I am certain my skin will be better cared for.

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