The price of prom

In the UK more schools are taking on the US tradition of holding a prom to celebrate the end of the students academic journey. It is not only high schools that now hold proms, primary schools do too. My eldest daughter has had her primary prom, next year she will be attending her high school prom and talks about it lots already. For her primary prom she dressed as an 11 year old should, I witnessed false tan, limos, over the top dresses, make up and professional hair. I personally thought all that should be left for the high school prom however I many didn’t. Parents are willing to spend hundreds on primary prom never mind high school prom. My voucher codes carried out a survey of 500 US and 500 UK students to find out how much they spent on high school prom, the results can be read on A Girls World website.

The amount us parents spend can be astonishing, do we really need to spend £800 for our children to arrive by helicopter?  I know I won’t, five children attending two proms in their life could bankrupt me. My children will have to make do with counting on their legs to carry them to primary prom unless they know of any fairy godmothers lurking about, I might extend the budget for high school but I can guarantee it will not be more than what a family meal out will cost.

Sure they will get the dress, make up and hair done but I will not go over board.

My middle daughter is due to attend her primary prom this year, her dress is bought, a pretty pale blue one that can be worn afterwards and won’t remain redundant at the back of her wardrobe. I will do her hair and I may stretch to a bit of mascara. As for high school prom, looking at the figures I best start saving now.

Does anyone require a dress or helicopter ride review? Nope, raiding the piggy bank it is.

How much would you spend on your child’s prom?
How much would you hope your parents would have spent had you attended prom? I would have had to do the old Cinderella trick.

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