A whole new term

I am back at college after having a lovely two weeks off. I am into my second week of a new term and I finally have no assignments to stress over, no deadlines to meet and I can finally get time to blog. Ok, I do have some algebra homework but I am putting that off till one hour before my lesson on Friday.

Since returning to college I have received two distinctions, I have handed in three new assignments and handed in one assignment that I am resubmitting. I also had to clean out the enclosure of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Now I know most of you will be wondering why the enclosure is infested with cockroaches but it is actually the enclosure for the cockroaches. Madagascar hissing cockroaches hiss at you when you pick them up, they do this by exhaling air through their breathing holes. Not only was the hissing freaking me out slightly but they don’t half wiggle. To stop them wiggling you pick them up to walk them through your hands; you have got them where you want them. It is ok until you try and place them in pen pal, that is when the cockroaches have got you where they want you. You can not shake the little critters off your hand which makes you panic. Honestly you would have thought I was up against an animal with bone crushing jaws the way my heart was pounding. I was very relieved when I closed the door of their enclosure with them safely on the other side. I hope I don’t have to clean them out for a long time.

Late last year I agreed to hold a spider if a friend at college holds a snake all to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust. I agreed when I knew we had no spider to hold. Well guess what. We will be getting a red knee tarantula next week. I now can not back out of it. After my incident with the cockroaches I am fairly certain that I may pass out or cry when the time comes. I am petrified of spiders, I even wretched if I have to move the body of a dead spider. It is going to take a lot of courage to get it on my hand. You can all help me, I will be begging you all to sponsor us soon to make it worth while and I will be hoping that June comes round slowly. If you don’t know what a red knee tarantuala looks like click on the link. I would have found an image for here however that would mean I have to look at it.
I am still loving college life as a mature student, even if I have almost zero spare time and they are forcing me to face my fear.

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