Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Silent night Memory foam topper review

The Bedding Company asked if I would like to review a product off their website, I obviously agreed and went off to browse their website. I opted for a single Silent Night Deluxe Memory foam topper. My daughter had been complaining that her mattress was getting rather uncomfortable so this was perfect for her. Now she has complained quite a lot so I thought I would put her observation skills to the test. We put the topper on her bed along with the free cover that came with it. I then remade her bed in a messy 9 year old's fashion to disguise that I had been in there(not that she would notice).
We decided not to tell her, bed time came and the girls retreated to their bedroom. My husband and I sat patiently waiting to hear a "MUM" coming from their room, but nothing, we even went in the room a few times to see if she had notice but no! she lay there on her nice comfortable bed & noticed nothing. My conclusion is, my 9 year old is not observant at all.
I know that 100% that the bed was comfortable & that you could notice a huge difference because I put it to the test myself. The next morning we asked her if she had noticed anything different, she replied with "what do you mean?", we asked if she had a good sleep, she replied with "what do you mean?". Giving in I asked my 13 year old to just go and lie on her sister bed, she yelled from her room that is was comfortable & that it had a mattress topper on. She noticed the difference straight away so maybe I should have put it on her bed because her sister didn't notice the change.
Since putting the topper on her bed she has not complained once that she can feel the springs.

The Silent Night deluxe memory foam topper can be bought for just £44.50 which is a fair price for a good nights sleep. I would recommend them to family and friends and will be returning to The Bedding Company to buy a memory foam topper for my other children's beds.

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  1. The price isn't absolutely bad for a good and comfortable sleep. This one's really great.