Monday, 16 January 2012

Micro Scooters Ezy Roller Review

I won many things through Micro scooters and here is my review of the Ezy Roller
in the box you have 
1 front T-bar with one wheel and connector
one medium extension 
one large extension
the seat tube
1 owners instructions and safety manual
1 Allen key
2 screws

Before assembling you need to determine the size of your Ezy Roller here is what they recommend
child's height
3' 3"- 4'4" Approx  (3-6 year old) use without extensions
4'4" - 5' use the medium extension
5' + use the large extension

The rider must not need to stretch to reach the foot rest nor should they feel cramped adjust accordingly.
The frame is made of steel and the comes with non marking PU wheels, it also features a high strength brake. It's unique design gives you a highly stability low centre of gravity.
to fit together Insert the seat tube down over the small tubes on the seat ensuring the metal push buttons pop out, if using the extensions or not insert the male fitting into the female and tighten the screw/screws using the Allen key provided as tight as possible  

before you set off test your Ezy roller by lifting the T-bar off the ground about 2=3 inches and allow it to fall to the ground there should be no unusual rattles or sounds from loose parts.
to propel the Ezy Roller all you need to do is push with the right foot then the left alternately this will move the Ezy Roller forward. To turn all you need to do is push harder to the right or left depending on which direction you chose to go. To stop you need to stop the foot movement then apply the break until coming to a stand still.
I had a go on it and was quite surprised at how easily you move along, my daughter who is 11 love taking it out and many of her friends are always in line waiting for a go. The Ezy Roller is not design for rough terrain, it works best on a flat smooth surface. Your Ezy Roller should not be kept outside because rain will cause the frame to rust.

to ensure a long life of your Ezy Roller
store under cover
grease/oil the ball bearings
do not damage the seat it is made of tough material but is not indestructible
change the wheels when flats appear (the braking wheel will probably be more prone to this than the others)

The Ezy Roller will provide your child with hours of fun my daughter and her friends Love it.
please ensure you and your child read the safety manual and know how to stop before setting off on your Ezy Roller.

Recommended age is 4-14 years 
weight limit of 70kg
RRP £84.95

to Purchase an Ezy Roller click here

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    1. I highly recommend they will have a scooter to meet your needs and they are high quality scooters, I would never go back to the cheaper versions you can also visit micro scooters on facebook

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    1. I highly recommend Micro scooters, they are the best around by far my children love theirs and so do all the kids on our street, your nephew will not be disappointed. Join Micro scooters on facebook or visit their website

  3. Different type of child like different type of scooter. Here I get such great information about ezy rollar review. Its look very nice riding as well as very easy to storage.