Monday, 14 September 2015

Be in control of your stress with Pip

Have you ever felt totally stressed that your mind feels like it can not take on anything else? I know I have, I go through phases when I feel things piling on top of me and I don't know why. 

Pip is a new product that allows you to see and track your stress levels. Once the Pip is connected to the apps it can teach you how to recognise stress and through this you can learn to remove stress from your life. The device is portable so can be use anywhere. Pip supported devices include: Apple – iPhone 4S and higher, iPad 3 and higher (including iPad mini); Android devices running Android Gingerbread (2.3.3) or higher.
Stress can be detrimental to your health; many health issues have stress as the underlying cause so if you can eradicate stress from your life the healthier your body and mind will be. 

  So what do Pip say about their product?

The Pip shows you everyday how to deal with whatever comes your way.

The Pip, a revolution in mental fitness, allows you to see your stress levels. Powered by science, it accurately visualises what you are feeling, as you are feeling it. The Pip connects your emotions with innovative apps both passive and active, teaching you not only how to recognise stress, but to know a life without it.
The real strength of the Pip lies in its portability, its performance and its ability to fit into everyone’s life, everywhere. The Pip's true power is in its astonishing ability to focus and change our minds, unlocking the greater potential in all of us.

Who would like to win one?

Pip are giving away five Pip devices. If you would like a chance to win one and learn how to manage stress go to their competition page. I would like to say good luck to each and everyone of my readers. I wish I had one whilst I was completing my exams earlier this year, I may have been able to manage my headaches much easier.

Thursday, 10 September 2015



One lucky reader and seven guests could be doing just that thanks to Greater Yarmouth Tourism and some amazing local attractions. 

The winner will be staying 7 nights at Haven Seashore, in a caravan with a seaviewwith no restrictions on dates, for up to 8 people but not just the holiday, the winner will be also be given passes to visit some wonderful attractions during their stay, which include:
Time & Tide Museum 
Great Yarmouth Pleasurebeach 
Deluxe Afternoon Tea at Saras Tearooms 
Thrigby Hall  
Hippodrome Circus 
Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre 
Hirsty’s Family Fun Park 
Merrivale Model Village 
A Meal at Lacon Arms Hemsby 
Great Yarmouth Stadium – Greyhound Racing plus a meal 

If you would like to enter this fabulous competition, just follow the instructions below. 

Greater Yarmouth Holiday Comp

Good Luck to each and everyone of you that enters via Mummy2five. I think this is an amazing prize. Great Yarmouth has plenty to see and do, no matter what your age I am sure special memories will be made and treasured.

Friday, 4 September 2015

When did you stop feeling?

This week I am sure many of you have been crushed by the image of a little boy, a son, a brother, a nephew, a grandchild,  washed up on a foreign shore. 
I know I was, my immediate reaction was to look away.
 Erase the image from my mind. 
But it is there, etched there permanently. 
He was not the only little boy that lost his life that day,his brother died too. 
Taken by the sea!


For a life where they can play, laugh & make memories!

I then see on social media many, too many horrible comments.
Comments that would not be made if that little boy washed up on the beach was their son, their nephew, their brother, their grandchild. 

The fact is two little boys lost their lives in a terrible way.
As a mother, I think about those boys last moments, was they scared, I pray that they was not aware of what was going on! Was their mum who would have been their world and they hers aware that her beautiful boys had gone forever. Then I am back to asking why! Why did they feel that risking their most precious boys was worth it. For a safer life, a life where they was free to play without fear! 

Back to social media, many are saying there is no room here, we are already stretched. 
We can not help, I do not care! 
They did not choose to live in the country they do. 
If it was Britain that was like that would you flee?
 I would try my hardest to get my children somewhere safe.

Then I see those who must have a swinging brick as a heart!
"Not my problem, look after our own!"

If a child fell into a public pool would you ask what country they was from before diving in after them?
If a child was lost would you ask what country they was from before helping them?
If you saw a kid fall hard would your spine not get that twinge if they was from a different country?
Just because they do not live here does not mean we should not care or try to help.

We are all human, we can do something, we can also show compassion if there is nothing you personally can do. Have we all lost touch with our feelings towards others? What do they see when they see that picture of little Aylan?

I see a little boy dressed in a red t-shirt, blue shorts and little shoes that his mother had lovingly dressed him in. A little boy who probably thought he was off on an adventure that day. A little boy who was taken far too soon. He is not the only child who has been taken by the sea whilst their desperate parents seek a safer life for them.

Tonight as you tuck all of your children into bed, under warm quilts, in a home that is not under threat, in a country that is far better than many, think about the families that are going through unimaginable terror. 
What must they be feeling to risk theirs and their precious babies lives is incomprehensible to me.
All I know is that they must have felt that they had no other option, no one to save them, no one to turn to.

How many babies are going to be torn out of their parent arms by the sea before we say enough is enough?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Newquay Zoo

Over the summer when the sun actually came out to play we took a trip to Newquay Zoo whilst we were on holiday. We have visited Cornwall many times but had never visited the zoo before. Upon arrival we found a parking space up on the top car park by the skateboard park. Parking is not free so ensure you have change on you if you are travelling by car. We paid to get in and was offered a free return ticket that was to be used within 7 days. Sadly we didn't get to use this but would have had we been staying on holiday for longer.
As a family we love animals, especially myself, as most of my regular readers will know I hope to work within the zoo industry. This means as a family we love nothing more than a trip to the zoo or safari park and we have had the pleasure of visiting many.
The first enclosure we came to at Newquay zoo was the Squirrel monkey enclosure, my children loved seeing the babies clinging onto the backs of their mums. For me with a love of photography the enclosure was not that photograph friendly with the bars thick and tightly packed it took me longer than usual, but with a bit of strategic positioning and patiently waiting I got a shot I was happy with. 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Matalan School Uniform

As many of you know I have five children as the blog name suggest. This year all of my children will be attending school full time. Five lots of uniform to buy can be quite costly but Matalan have a fantastic range of school uniforms all at fantastic prices. I have bought uniforms from Matalan in the past and have always found them to wash great and also endure the daily rough and tumble that my children seem to put them through.

Matalan allowed me to choose items up to £50 and I was surprised at how much I managed to buy with that budget. So what did I buy:

2x short sleeved shirts age 16
2 x short sleeved shirts age 11
Black trousers age 16
Black skater skirt age 11
2x white polo shirt age 5
2 x white polo shirt age 3
2 x pleated grey skirts age 3
Grey jersey trousers age 3
and two packs of school socks

They had plenty of styles to choose from and all the colours you could need. I love that they are stain resistant, easy to iron and don't break the bank. My younger children have quite sensitive skin but the uniforms are soft against their skin and are comfortable to wear. My youngest daughter announced that her school skirt will be good for dancing in so she is rather happy with her new school skirt. How much dancing she thinks she will be doing in school is a different matter.

So when you do uniform shopping or are topping up throughout the year check out Matalan's back to school range. We all give it a massive thumbs up.

Monday, 17 August 2015

GCSE Results Day Countdown

As Thursday 20th August 2015 creeps nearer my nerves are growing. This year was the first time I had sat a GCSE exam since 1998. The results that will decide if I get into university next year could not be any more important. It is not only me that is collecting results. My eldest daughter will be collecting some of her results too. Academically she has always struggled, it has never come naturally to her and she has had to work hard to achieve what she has. Her dreams are to become a hairdresser, she is currently studying hair and beauty as one of her subjects so she has taken the first steps. I hope she gets onto the course she would like as she has no interest in anything else. 

It is full of ?????

For myself the studying has been hard, juggling five children, a full time course and retaking Maths and English GCSE was never going to be easy. I am proud that I achieved a Distinction* overall in my course. I just hope that on Thursday when I open that email I will be just as proud. I really do not want to have to sit those exams again. If I have to, of course I will. If that is what needs to be done for me to achieve my goals then I will do anything that is required. When I originally sat my exams I didn't care what I got, I had already had my dreams of joining the army ripped away from me due to eczema so I was a 16 year old on a path of self destruct. It is funny how years down the line your career goals change. I am pleased I never reached my goal of joining the army, I would not have had my beautiful children if I did. I would not be leading the life I do now and I would not be working towards my goal of working with animals.

In three days I will know my results, I will know what my next step is. Will I be celebrating or crying into a pillow? I honestly have no idea, I have no idea what those results will be!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Bird House Upcycling

 Ocean Finance  have a lovely competition running. I was selected to take part and I am so pleased with the results. The competition is to upcycle a bird box, they supplied me with a plain bird house and gave me a voucher for Buddly Crafts to purchase craft supplies to decorate the house. 
As soon as I started looking through the Buddly craft website the ideas came flooding in. I saw the natural straw sticks and knew they would make a great thatched roof.  I bought some twine to place around the edge and some wooden birds to place on the top. I glued down two horizontal straws that over hung the edge of the roof. I then applied two layers of straws vertically on both sides and rounded the front and rear edge off. I then glued a single layer of straws over the middle whilst creating a pattern. To finish off the thatched roof I placed the twine around the scalloped edges and placed a line around an inch and half from the edge.  I topped the thatched roof with two birds that I had glued together. No thatched roof is complete without an animal placed on top. Be very careful if you choose a glue gun to stick down your straws, the glue gets hot and you may get burnt fingers.
Now for the decoration. I love pyrography so I knew I wanted to include this in my design. I bought some tags with a scalloped edge and wood burnt the words "Home Tweet Home" onto it. I also darkened the edges a little. I then searched the internet for a design that I could place around the entrance of my bird house. I came across a beautiful doodle that would fit perfectly. I wood burnt it onto my bird house and placed the wooden shapes I had bought around the side of the bird house to finish it off. 

Now all I need to do is find a safe place out of the cats reach and hope that new residents of the bird variety move in.

I really enjoyed upcycling this bird house, I may purchase some more to decorate and place around my garden.

Disclaimer- I was sent the bird house and a £25 voucher to purchase craft items